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Belques line is designed specifically for Yemeni women. All the specifications have been selected to cover their needs and provide them with all ways of communication. Belques line is an easy telephone service to use and cost-effective, you can keep in touch with everyone all the time, with full control of your costs. With Belques you will stay in touch with your family and friends and also can you choose one of the five packages that are specifically designed for you.

It’s a service that reflects your delicate feeling of elegance, and it is a new way to express yourself, and expose your real nature. With Belques you will be radiance with tasteful, and step into a new world to enjoy.


Belques SIM card


Credit Included


                                       The tariff above include tax


Why Belques line is created?

  • Belques is a new pre-paid line that specially designed to fit to the various needs of Yemeni women.
  • By Belques you can join a distinguished group of people for a very low cost.
  • With Belques line you can use your mobile phone in the way that you always want to.
  • With Belques line you can choose the style and design to use your mobile phone and take advantage of the lowest fares.
  • Belques services are very easy and very economical.
  • Belques gives you the ability to fully control your costs.
  • With Belques you can take advantage of a set of free basic services such as:

    • clip
    • Call waiting
    • Diverting
    • Voice mail service and other free services.

Belques packages:

    Belques always (dayem)

    System Tariffs reduced by approximately 50%, Belques always provide you with phone calls and text messages at a cost of almost half of the cost prepaid lines.

    Belques talk (kalam): -

    At the level of telephone calls cost within a Sabafon or other networks kalam package is providing the lowest price ever known, if you like to make a lot of phone calls, talk package is your ideal choice.

    Belques Layali:

    This package is a reduction of up to 2 rails per minute on the price of calls from 11 at night until 7 am.

    This includes calls within the network Sabafon and the others.

    Belques Resayle

    It is providing discounts on SMS costs, if you are using SMS frequently; the Rasayel package is the perfect choice. You can send messages at a cost of up to I YR per SMS.

    Belques original:

    With this package you can have longer grace period, where it is possible to be able to get not less than 70 days when you recharge in any scratch card. With Original Belques you will control your mobile expenses.

    Roaming Belques:

    A new service that allows subscribers Sabafon Belques make calls and send and receive SMS messages during their own décor outside of Yemen. The features of the service are easy access to common wherever they roam around the world, the spectrum without having to pay insurance or subscription fees.

    Belques MMS:

    Multimedia messaging service that you can send a message from your mobile phone to another or e-mail, and you can send messages of color moving pictures , video and audio files using a cell-phone services - MMS / GPRS in Sabafon.

    Network Belques Net:

    Enables you to surf the Internet and download files at high speed. Belques network net works by GPRS technology which allows you the ability to browse the Internet anywhere and the time that suits you, its advantage: as the following

    • Surf the Internet in speed up to 115 kb / sec.
    • Connect to the Internet and browse your mail anywhere in the world.

Belques Tools List: --

Belques has a new and different list of tools designed for easily use by Belques subscribers. This list included these new tools options such as; weather, entertainment, ringtones, logos, greeting cards, horoscopes, search for a partner, personality secrets , personality according to colors, name , sex , date of birth and the meanings of names. The entertainment division which provides a daily joke, stars say, the most popular movies, songs, Arab and foreign sites, born today and today in history happened on this day addition to other additional services as a dictionary service, Universal Time, diet and beauty tips, dreams interpretation, the conversion between the Hijri date and A.D date, currency converter, courtier tracking, roaming tariffs, … ETC.

Belques tools for MMS that includes many options such as; animation, Java Games, themes, and diverse subjects .entertainment section with laugh channels ,lovers and stars news , Arabic & foreign songs, cars , around the world and the sports magazine ,Garfield , cooking recipes, fashion and others.

This table summarizes Belques tools service

Belques SMS Belques MMS Belques voice
Weather Ring tones Ring tones and Logos
Stars say Video Clip Call reminder
Logos Wallpapers Congratulations
Secrets of personality Java Games Art World
Personal according to color Topics Voice messages Personal according to name, gender, laugh channel
Jokes Personal according to Date of Birth lovers channel Music
The meanings of names Stars News Club Mobile
Greetings Foreign music Horoscope
Entertainment Cars Music
Horoscope Around the world Cuisine call
Harmony measure Sport Magazine Composed
Email Garfield Melody
Daily Joke Cooking Recipes Mazzika
Logos Fashion Sheikh Jibril
Chat SMS Yemeni national anthem Hani Shaker prays
Dictionary Spirituals Sami Yusuf Songs
World Time Stars News  
My city Subscribe to News  
Diet Tips Dreams interpretation  
Beauty Tips Record dreams  
Dreams Customer Service  
Hijri Date Converter Prepaid information  
Convert Gregorian Date Currency Converter  
Courtier tracking Roaming tariffs  
Saba logo Naba logo  
Send to e-mail Chat  
My hotmail account MSN Messenger  

    Information Service:

    Has been transferred to your line of Sabafon Information Center offers you the latest information from the news headlines and weather, entertainment, news, sports and sings a lot and others at any time and any place he touched the cover and cash flow, or even while roaming outside of Yemen.

    Information service is activated by default for all participants to enable them Belques to communicate with the world through short messages sent to the e-mail addresses and vice versa, as it will allow them to download ring tones and logos as desired.


    • Belques packages calls tariff:
    • Calls tariff within Belques packages (R): -

      Belques line Dayman Talk Layali Messages Original
      From Belques to Belques 7 4 20 20 15
      From Belques to Layali 6 2 2 10 9
      From Belques to Sabafon 9 7 25 25 15
      From Belques to Sabafon Layali 8 6 4 15 9
      From Belques to GSM2 20 15 30 30 20
      Belques of the GSM1 Layali 20 10 10 20 20
      From Belques to PTC 16  16  16  16 16 
      From Belques to CDMA 22 22 30 30 22
      International call Telecommunications Tariff Tele-Yemen

      SMS tariff:

      SMS Tariff within Belques packages (R):

      Belques line Dayman Talk Layali Messages Original
      From Belques to Belques 5 2 10 2 9
      From Belques to Layali 5 1 1 1 9
      From Belques to Sabafon 5 4 15 4 9
      From Belques to Sabafon Layali 5 3 3 3 9
      From Belques to GSM2 10 5 20 5 15
      Belques of the GSM2Layali 9 5 5 5 15
      From Belques to CDMA 17.5 17.5 25  17.5  17.5 
      International 20 20 20 10 20

      MMS tariff:

      From Belques to Belques 15 (up to 100 KB)
      From Belques to Sabafon 50 (up to 100 KB)
      From Belques to other network Soon
      From Belques to international networks Available but the price depends on the size of the message.

      Belques Net tariff (Price / KB) 0.05 YR / KB.

    Where do you find Belques lines? And how do you activate them?

    Belques lines are available in Yemen through all Sabafon branches, distributers and point of sale.

  • How to activate Belques line:
    • First put the sim inside your mobile then call 222, you will listen to a welcome message after that choose the preferred language to use (Arabic & English).finally Belques always package will be activated as default.
    • You can change your package by calling 444 (first call is free) to choose your preferred package.
    • You can move between Belques packages easily (choose the package carefully, because each switch between packages costs 40 YR or 4 Units).

    Scratch cards types of Belques package:

    We offer you a variety of scratch card that enables you to make calls and send SMS, MMS, and access to the rest of the value-added services and to extend the grace period with each recharge.

      Scratch Cards

       scratch cards  price/YR  Value of the stock (unit)
      Super saver 105 9
      Budget 345 30
      Budget plus New  405 35
      Extra 920 80
      Extra plus  New 1035 90
      Bronze 2300 200
      Silver 3450 300
      Golden 5750 500
      Platinum 13800 1200

      scratch cards prices above included 15% taxes

                              * Note: each unit = 10 YR.

      Each scratch card has the validity and grace period as the following tables:

      Validity periods of Belques packages:

      Scratch Card Dayman Talk Layali Rasayel Original
      Days validity
      Super saver 1 1 1 1 1
      Budget 2 1 2 2 2
      Budget plus  New 3 1 3 3 3
      Extra 10 5 10 10 40
      Extra plus  New 12 7 12 12 50
      Bronze 40 15 40 40 60
      Silver 70 30 70 70 90
      Golden 140 55 140 140 150
      Platinum 356 150 356 356 356

      Grace Period of Belques packages:

      Scratch Card Dayman Talk Layali Rasayel Original
      Days validity
      Super saver 0 0 0 0 90
      Budget 1 1 1 1 90
      Budget plus  New 1 1 1 1 90
      Extra 10 10 10 10 90
      Extra plus  New 10 10 10 10 90
      Bronze 15 15 15 15 90
      Silver 20 20 20  20 90
      Golden 30 30  30  30  90
      Platinum 90 60  90 90 90 


    Useful Numbers:

    • Belques customer service : call 211 free of charge
    • Packages Belques : call 444 to switch the type of Belques packages (40YR).
    • Balance inquiry : call * 102 # and be informed that it is free of charge.

    Frequently questions:

      Q 1: What are the characteristics provided by Belques?

      Belques line is pre-paid line (advanced payment) used in Yemen and abroad for local and international calls and send SMS & MMS, when you use Belques line you will discover that it is the best line and it will acquire your admirable and keeps you in touch with your family and friends. With Belques you will have five packages, one of them will be the perfect choice for your needs .with Belques new world will come to your world.

      Q 2: Can I use the Belques line outside Yemen?

      Yes. You can use Belques line (pre-paid line) to make calls and send SMS and MMS outside Yemen and any where you were in. This service is distinguished by easily accessible to any subscriber around the world without a need to pay insurance or subscription fees.



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